Forest Hill Pools Gym Locker Thefts



I’m an existing member of FH Pools. My main grievance is about the shower facilities in the men’s (first floor) changing rooms and their cleanliness. The showers in the swimming pool area seem to work fine so I don’t understand why for the 3 years I’ve been going to FH Pools the men’s showers are so pathetic (low water pressure, water spraying in random directions except where it’s supposed to etc.). The situation is compounded by the fact they are often pretty filthy and smell unpleasant.

In defence of the staff I will say that their lives are not made easy by the way some people treat the facilities - in particular the disposal of nappies (or failure to dispose of them) seems to be beyond some parents and at weekends in particular children seem to be just left to run around the complex without supervision.


Thank you for your suggestion and this is something that is given consideration, feel free to bring points like this along to the meeting next month. Forest Hill Pool is unique in the borough, as the majority of staff employed can work across several areas of the building. So we do move people around as and where operational needs require us to do so. Unfortunately if people (or several people) call in sick before their shift(s), then this does put us on the back foot for the rest of the day. For which we apologise for the inconvenience caused


If anyone is at the Meet the Manager event which is happening this evening, I’d love to know what’s said. Had hoped to be there myself but can’t make it. Thanks.


I’m there so I’ll provide updates.

Meeting hosted by Lance Codling, General Manager (since feb18). He has been at the pools in FH since before it opened.

Last locker theft was on 7th Sept. Culprit was identified, there is CCTV and police are involved. All centre staff are aware. Mostly it was phones and wallets being stolen. One car. Lockers broken into by being forced. No evidence it was through a master key.

They have put security lockers opposite the reception desk. Also changing some lockers to padlocks. Changes have been made to the turnstiles so they can’t be left open.

Cleanliness - cleaners have changed. Things do seem to be better.

Not being able to rely on the pool timetable - they acknowledged problems with lifeguards calling in sick. Shortage of lifeguards, constant advert. We talked about some strategies that might make this happen less often. Discussed that cost of lifeguard course is quite high (£200+) although the current course is full.

Repairs and maintenance - these are getting done but sometimes take time. Do give feedback.

Gym equipment - they have been getting new service contracts. Do make sure that you let the staff know each time you encounter a problem.

Feedback - Please tell us what you think on website or cards by reception. This goes through to Lance.

Regular forum - dates are on the Noticeboard

Generally positive!


Lance would love people to attend his public meetings!


Same here. Better are better .


Thanks, Satchers, very interesting and encouraging. I love the pools and find the staff very helpful. The new lockers in the reception area are a great idea.


Thanks for taking the time to summarise Hilary - really helpful!


My rucksack was stolen from my locker on September 10th and it was reported to the staff and management. i.e. A theft after 7th September.


I’m not a member as reviews on here have turned me off.

If there is a chance though someone might suggest the manager offer a few evening meet sessions.


I’m not a member but tonight’s meeting was at 6pm and open to anyone. I suggest the best way to meet the manager is to ask via the website. He said his door was always open!


One of the other attendees has emailed the manager back this evening to ask why he told us the last theft was the 7th.


Thank you for your attendance last night and taking these notes. We are glad that you found it useful and positive. We will look into the incident on the 10th. As you have stated, everyone is welcome to leave feedback and arrange a time to meet the manager member or not. The centre is open to all members of the public so it doesn’t matter if you are a member or not. We look forward to working with you all going forward


Dear @FusionLewisham, I’ve also seen other reports of locker break ins on other sites that those involved say management know about and since 10/9. Not really very satisfactory.