Forest Hill Post Office

Anyone else experienced difficulties at Forest Hill Post Office? It’s been a nightmare!

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Unfortunately, it has been awful. I am avoiding using post offices generally as much as possible ( because everywhere seem to have a very long queue). The WH Smiths upstairs, I think the issues are, just a small amount of people taking very long time at a counter, but the most of customers are very quick ( like returning parcels). They probably need to install a automatic printing machines for returning labels like Hermes does, and maybe having a separate queue for returning parcels and all other transactions. That will shorten the queue quicker, so that people do not need to wait outside in the freezing cold ( not very good for anybody). Last wk I went queue at 9.30am and still took 1 hour to finish returning my parcels( there was no choice to use other carriers for the parcels).

Sydenham Post Office was running much better than the one above WHSmiths, at least when I visited before Christmas. Might be worth a try.

Sydenham also has some self service machines which help. Still were longer queues pre Christmas with everyone having to send parcels last minute but did have someone going up the queue checking if quick returns or could use the self service which kept things moving. (Guess just depends how much longer it takes to get there)

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I read on Facebook that the Sydenham post office is closed due to a flood.

The building isn’t designed to facilitate social distancing. They could clear some of the shelving on the top floor to make space, but even if they did that, how can you have social distancing when there is a single narrow staircase for for entering and leaving?

I avoid going there. It is possible to buy stamps elsewhere, and I use other services for parcels where possible. Quite a few services will collect parcels now. Yes it is usually more expensive, but I’m hoping to survive this pandemic.

If you know where to look it can be considerably cheaper - and way more convenient with local drop-off shops open longer hours than POs or home collection. is one hub with various options.

Agreed. I used Collect+ recently because couldn’t face the post office queue and it was easy. Buy the postage before you leave home (weight ranges are broad) and either print the label or take the barcode on your phone for the shop to print off. (30p charge)

I dropped mine off on the Friday before Christmas and it was delivered on the Sunday by Hermes. Think it cost me about £4 for a 40 x 30 x 15 cm box that weighed just under 2 kg.

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I now only use the one on Stanstead Road after one too many dispiriting waits at WH Smith.

I mean the collection services are more expensive. The cheaper drop-off services require going into a shop, and much as I like the Hermes service on Stanstead Rd, some of the shop customers are not interested in masks or social distancing, and I don’t think there’s a lot of ventilation.