Forest Hill’s Polish Centre…

… is collecting for Ukraine. Not sure what their particular needs/surpluses are, though.

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Probably the same as on the list in the other thread:

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It’s the same Polish centre, yes.

The link sets out what their needs are.

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I have Ukrainian friends here in London who are in touch daily with friends and family in the Ukraine. According to them, the most important items they need now are medical supplies (bandages, wound dressing, antiseptics, painkillers etc,), nappies, sanitary supplies, baby formula and of course army surplus!

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC - an umbrella fundraising committee for the Red Cross, Oxfam, Save the Children etc) have launched a fundraising appeal for humanitarian aid:

Adverts will be on TV, radio etc starting today.


The DEC appeals are great to give to as they collect on behalf of a number of charities and the UK government usually matches donations.

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Yes, forgot to say: the UK Government will match donations given to DEC up to a maximum of £20 million. And you can claim Gift Aid on your donation, so that increases the amount they receive too.