Forest Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team

Hi everyone,

We thought we would sign up to this forum so we could share relevant crime prevention advice with you as and when it is needed!
If anyone ever needs to get in touch with the team I have left our contact details below for you all!

Kind regards

Forest Hill SNT
020 8 721 2723


Welcome to the site, and thanks for joining. Looking forward to your updates.

Hi and welcome, great to have you guys on here. I look forward to seeing you all about in the streets over the summer.
A profile pic would be great though, names to faces and all that :slight_smile:

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Cheers Amy, Andrea, Michael & gang :+1::+1::+1:

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We like to keep up with the recent trends Pauline :grin:
See you soon, Amie!!

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Why thank you little Miss, much appreciated as always :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I contacted this number last week to report a dangerous dog, left a message and no one has bothered to get back to me.
What am i supposed to do next?

@Cari_Hoskins I would email them. There are very few in the SNT and they are under massive pressure. They will come back to you. If you feel the dog is a problem then call 101. If it constitutes an immediate danger to you or anyone else call 999. Only call 999 if the dog is on the loose and is a threat.

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Hi Cari,

Could you e-mail us regarding this please?
Our e-mail address is

Kind regards

Amie McCreery
Forest Hill SNT


Hi Cari, my dog was attacked viciously around two months ago by a dangerous dog on Sunderland Road, a light brown staff or pitbulls cross. PC Michael Hill was really helpful and tried to locate the dog but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Just letting you know in case it is the same dog

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Warning from Forest Hill Police:

[quote]Since the beginning of July, there have been a total of seven burglary related offences within the Ward of Forest Hill. This message is intended to remind you that now the days and nights are getting warmer please do not become complacent and leave windows open or doors ajar whilst popping out or when in the garden. It takes moments for an offender to enter your home under such circumstances and steal your property.

These offences have occurred around the following areas; London Road, Kirkdale, Boveney Road and Manor Mount.

Remember, do not leave your items in plain view from windows, do not leave car keys near letter boxes or on your dining tables near open windows. If you have double glazing, most have the facility to leave the window slightly ajar but still locked. Use this facility if you must only on rooms upstairs whilst asleep at night to keep cooler air circulating in your home.

If you wish to receive a burglary advice pack or have a free home security survey, let me know and I’ll contact you for this to be done. You can also get good sound advice on all manner of security by visiting the Metropolitan Police Service’s own website at as well as police approved products on such sites as Secured by Design by visiting

Yours sincerely, Michael 195PL

Michael Hill PC 195PL (DWPC)
Forest Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team

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I have reported an issue but no one got bk to me

That’s all old stuff.

Try @PC_Kemal

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Hi Maggie,

How did you contact us please?

We have been moved to a new police base so our numbers need updating, could you send me or the ward mail box an email please?

Kind regards,

PC Kemal


Sent email to
But heard no feedback etc sent 4 days ago n heard nothing