Forest Hill Society AGM 2019

If you missed the Forest Hill Society Meet ‘n’ Greet last night, plan to attend our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 17th October, 7:30pm at Louise House (adjacent to the library on Dartmouth Road). This event is open to members and non-members.

At the AGM, you will learn about the Society’s projects and accomplishments over the past year and have an opportunity to set the Society’s course for the year to come. The new Executive Committee will be elected. If you are interested in getting more involved on the Executive, or in any other way, please read on here for more details.

As well as finding out about the ULEZ, you will learn about Forest Hill Society’s projects and accomplishments over the past year and have an opportunity to set the Society’s course for the year to come.

If you have concerns that you think are important to the local area, please come along and share them at the meeting; issues that garner support will help set the agenda for 2020 and beyond.

This year our Chairman @michael will be stepping down after eight years at our helm. The AGM will be a great opportunity to thank him for his hours/days/weeks of hard work, and also to help us select his successor. It could be you.

The AGM will also feature a guest speaker from Transport for London, who will tell us about the plans for extending the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the South Circular, and what it will mean for cars and air quality in the local area.

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If you can’t get to the AGM on Tuesday, representatives from the Forest Hill Society will be at the Horniman Farmer’s Market on Sunday for a chat.

But if you can get to the AGM it will give you a chance to talk to committee members working on issues such as environment, planning and transport among other things. A good time to get some insight on things, like parking issues.

Thank to the many many people who dropped by the Forest Hill Society gazebo for a chat on Sunday including a few Forum members. Great to put a name to the moniker. Among, the many topics discussed the ULEZ extension was pretty much near the top. So just a reminder that the guest speaker for the AGM is from Transport for London, and who will tell us about the plans for extending the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the South Circular.

See you on Thursday.

Unfortunately due to commitments on Thursday evenings in term time I’m unable to attend the AGM. Will anyone be recording either the whole evening or more specifically the speaker from TFL?

Hi. I’m not aware of any recording. On the off chance there is I’ll post back here.



It was my first time at a FHSoc AGM and I left with so much admiration and gratitude for the selflessness and really hard work that so many members put in for the benefit and well-being of all of the people of Forest Hill - even to the point where @oakr gave me £20 to donate to FHSoc, but Michael politely suggested that the money would be of more help to the library and accepted it on their behalf.
Thank you FHSoc.


It was great to see you @Anotherjohn and a few other Forum members. Despite the terrible weather, there was hardly a free seat in the room.

The presentation by the TfL representatives on the ULEZ was very well received. Many concerns expressed but overall strong support for the extension and for the preparatory work already underway. I only wish my own business presentations were met with the same sea of arms asking questions afterwards. Their willingness to discuss a range of additional issues including the Mayor’s plans for e-vehicles and charging points was really kind and added extra insight.

It was also great to finally meet @ThorNogson and hear his report on the London City and Heathrow flightpath issues. His efforts to gain a voice for Forest Hill with assembly members, MPs, the Mayor’s office etc. etc. if really remarkable. We owe him and the transport committee a huge thank you.

It’s easy to forget how much work the FHSoc does in the community and Michael Abraham’s last chairman report really laid bare that good work. It was very sad to say goodbye to him as Chairman. Thankfully he remains on the Executive Committee and no doubt will remain a big contributor to the FHSoc and key to our future direction. On that point, the remainder of the Executive Committee was re-elected with two new members joining.

A fair number of them headed off to the Sylvan Post afterwards with murmurs of righting the knocked down planter and where no doubt the real planning for 2019/20 commenced. Sadly, I was under thumbs to get home.


It’s great to see renewed positive engagement in this forum from FHSoc. Thanks for the updates @starman.

Glad the meeting went well. Was the new chairperson announced?

All positions except Chair were filled. We’ll continue to search for a new Chair and in the interim, the existing exec committee and committee chairs will act collectively to fill the gap.


The planter was indeed righted, refilled and the plants put back in by a crack gardening squad all under the cover of darkness.


Barry Milton, fraternal delegate from the Sydenham Society, asked whether the two societies might again join together to organise hustings for local candidates in the upcoming (probably) general election. I added my voice in support, and my impression was that those present were very much in favour.


That topic was raised as well last night. I expect it’ll be a topic at the next Exec meeting followed by a discussion through normal channels afterward.

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