Forest Hill Society Lockdown Quiz

While it is difficult to organise events during the present time, the Forest Hill Society still want to bring people together across the community. So join us for our first quiz evening, virtually, including some questions specifically about Forest Hill.

Entry is free but we are encouraging donations to the Lewisham Foodbank.

You can play by yourself or as a household, and once you have registered details of the Zoom link will be sent to you close to the event. We hope you can join us for a bit of fun with your neighbours and local community. (Bring your own bottle!)

Register through this link.



Sounds like a fun idea, but how do you stop people cheating!? What’s the planned format?

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Ancient but effective warlock spells. Or sincere hope for honesty.

More info to come.


With just two days to go, here is a bit more information.

The host for our quiz is Andy, who lives in Forest Hill and has hosted quizzes at the Honor Oak, as well as charity events with the Countdown team. The quiz is made up of five rounds of ten questions each, including both picture and video rounds. Teams will keep their own score so a degree of trust will entail. We are not playing for money or prizes, just fun and pride. We expect the quiz will last bout 75-90 mins.

There are currently 18 teams signed up. And so far £110 has been raised for Lewisham Foodbank.

Register through this link.


Good luck Jason (and Andy!).

As an aside if you do another one, you could use something like Kahoot where you can set-up your own quiz, or use a default one and there can no cheating and you can see after each question the leading 5 teams (and those not leading are not embarrassed so to speak), you get more points the faster you answer (correctly) and it’s quite fun. You can use an app or just a web browser I think (I’ve only used the app).

Anyway, not for now, but maybe another time - and if not it’s fun to play with friends!


More good luck Gary (from FHS) and Andy. I’ll be a player this time.

We did look at some of the specialists sites but they had a cost. For this initial free and fun one we preferred a format which would focus on donations to the charity. But thanks for this, we can look further afield for other options if we repeat it.

Agreed - for social quizzes where there are only online kudos as a prize, self marking is fine - and engenders a fair sense of trust that everyone is doing the right thing. Who cheats with nothing on the line? And it means that those doing it as a team aren’t disadvantaged when arguing - sorry, discussing - over answers.

If you do want an online option that is free but allows for a larger number of attendees, has worked for our department quizzes at work with 40-50 users on there.


£463 raised for Lewisham foodbank last night in the Forest Hill Society zoom quiz night. Many thanks to the 18 teams who joined us and donated. Thanks to Andy Nakonecznyj for running the quiz and congratulations to the winning team - “Professor Quiz Whitty”

The quiz may be over. But donations to Lewisham Foodbank are still welcome.


That looks fun, I’m trying to think of a good team name for next time already.

Not only food and cash, if you have multiple ‘bags of bags’ that you don’t need, they need plastic bags to pack the food into. Also a couple of hours a week on a Tuesday if you want to come join the cycle delivery squad :slight_smile: It’s worthwhile checking out how you can help - lots of opportunities