Forest Hill Society Social - Sylvan Post, October 3rd

Fancy a get together in real life? Come join the Forest Hill Society for it’s social at the Sylvan Post on Thursday, October 3rd. This is a great opportunity for Forest Hill residents old and new to meet, chat and make new friends.

Bonus! Meet some of the Forest Hill Society executive team and committee members. The Society is all about promoting the best of Forest Hill and working within the community to improve it for all.

What are you doing on Thursday?

I’d have been up for it, and would be nice to meet a few people in person, but sadly I’m on babysitting duties. Have fun!

It’s been a long week at work and it ain’t over yet. The news sucks. So pop into the Sylvan Post and cleanse with good company. And celebrate that Forest Hill is the good thing in your life right now.

(and partners/kids/pets too obviously)

Members of the Forest Hill Society will be there to help introduce you to others and chat about the good work of the Group.

Hope the meet-up went well and sorry I couldn’t make it.

Do post a photo from the meet-up if you have one? When we share posts on our social media channels (eg future FHSoc meet-ups), it always increases engagement if we attach a photo.

I’m currently under quarantine so couldn’t go either. Reports are though that a good time was had. If someone took a photo and is willing to share it I will post.

If there are those that couldn’t go, but wanted to know more about the Forest Hill Society, we’d recommend a visit to the AGM on the 17th. Another chance to hear about the Society’s accomplishments last year and help direct our plans for the next.

And hear more about the ULEZ!

Old school. We met up and no photos were taken :wink: means I don’t have to worry about weird facial expressions caught on camera.
Also guess you mean AGM on 17th Oct as per link referenced (not 20th).
Hope you feel better soon.

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