Forest Hill Supermarket (61 Dartmouth Road)


I just wondered if anyone knows if Foredthill Supermarket (61 Dartmouth rd) is closed or shut down. I have parcels to collect from there, and have been going to the shop everyday since Thursday.
They are always closed, despite going during their advertised opening hours. I have even tried calling them, to no avail.

Can anyone shed any light?


There was some insight on this thread before, which maybe helpful:

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Brilliant, I shall check it out.

Sadly it’s probably not the news you were hoping for, but perhaps @rachelclarep may have found a way to get her parcel and could advise?

I’m definitely hoping so!

Thanks for all your help. still no sign of my parcel but luckily the order’s getting refunded as it can’t be found

It really shouldn’t be listed as a Collect+ location anymore!


After a number of emails to collect+ I actually managed to get my parcel. My daughter went to Foresthill Supermarket before school at about 8.30am, and surprisingly someone was there.

Thanks for all your replies. X