Forest Hill to East Croydon

Hi everyone,

Before they changed the Time table for the trains, i used to catch a train from Forest Hill to East Croydon in the morning. Now they have removed the early morning trains and i have to catch a train to West Croydon and walk over to east.

Does anyone know if this situation is permanent or just temporary


The LibDems claimed that they had saved the Forest Hill to East Croydon trains.

I would catch the tram from West Croydon to East Croydon. They are very frequent.

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It’s permanent. I’m in the same predicament. It’s only at peak times though so there is a train from 8.25ish to EC for example which works if I do nursery drop off. It’s frustrating and the team element especially on the way home is painful.

It’s 6 miles. That’s a leisurely 30 minute bike ride :slight_smile:

I agree, but i’m not a fan on leaving my bike at East Croydon Station.

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Agree but can’t do buggy and bike :grimacing:

The changes to direct trains are permanent for the time being. There should however be a connecting service at Norwood Junction to East Croydon which doesn’t appear to operate at the moment - presumably as a result of the short term timetable changes. Once this is back and running, there should be a connecting service every half hour, e.g. 7:25 departing Forest Hill, arriving at Norwood Junction 7:36, and then 6 minutes later leaving there arriving at East Croydon at 7:46.
A similar option already exists going the other way, although with a worst case 15 minute time to wait at Norwood Junction, as the Overground train just leaves at the same time that the Thameslink train arrives there.

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I find it’s often quicker to walk between West and East Croydon than wait for the tram. Zig-zagging through the Shitgift Centre seems fastest - a bit under 10 minutes from platform to platform.

At least until the Westfield development starts…


I travel to Brighton. My only option of a direct train to ECR is the 8:25. When this is cancelled I have to go to West Croydon. Once I have queued to leave the station, I’ve been using the tram to connect. This tram is not included in my ticket price because I buy a Southern Fail ticket. Might try walking it. Or move to Brighton to avoid the pain.

I’ve found that the Southern train that goes to West Croydon rather than Overground train gets in to the platform by the exit, so it’s worrh waiting a couple of minutes for the Southern one. If you go mid train, you exit by barriers and then the tram is outside. This train seems to go every half an hour. The tram to EC isn’t too bad in the morning. In the evening it does a longer loop.

Trainline is still showing there are trains to East Croydon tomorrow morning. Does this affect Gatwick connections from Forest Hill via East Croydon? I need to get to Gatwick pre-7am so I’m now worried that Trainline is lying to me…

I’d check on national rail but the EC - Forest Hill / Forest Hill - EC service doesn’t operate in peak but does during rest of day so best to double check

I’d always trust Nationalrail more than Trainline - as the former is the official information by the rail companies whereas the latter is by a private ticket selling business, although they are probably the same in most cases.

There should be one direct train to East Croydon to get you to Gatwick that early. In any case, I would always have the Uber app to hand for a lift to East Croydon in case the morning train is cancelled.

Trains to East Croydon:

0548, 0825, then every 30 mins at x25 and x55 until 1555. Start up again at 1855 and every 30 mins again at x25 and x55, then 0024 and the final train at 0049.

Trains run all day to East Croydon on Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks for that - any idea why there is a gap between 0548 and 0825 to get to East Croydon?

They’re diverted to Sutton between those times.

Have you considered going to Crystal Palace? I think there are trains from Crystal Palace to East Croydon.

They don’t. They go to Beckenham Junction or West Croydon. Beckenham does have the tram though.

Everything cancelled this morning. Facing a 40 minute wait Norwood Junction and Will be late to check in. What a disaster this service is.

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Honestly, this is the worst service i have ever experienced. I often have delays and cancellations during my commute to work since this new timetable has been put in place. Hopefully they sort it out soon