Forest Hill Ward Assembly - 8th December

Thursday 8th December, 7pm at The Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre, 39 Honor Oak Road SE23 3SH

What’s on the agenda?

  1. NHS Update – Dorothy Muir - Overview of Primary Care Challenges, a chance to give your views.
  2. Forest Hill Library Update – Michael Abrahams
  3. SNT update – PC Michael Hill
  4. Dartmouth Road Update – written update
  5. Group discussion exercise - Talk to your fellow neighbours about what you think the assembly should focus on.

This assembly is open to all people who live, work or learn in Forest Hill Ward (everything west of the railway line south of Honor Oak Park, and as far south as Wells Park).


Can’t make it, sorry dude :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Reminder to all. See you later this evening if you can make it.

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Unfortunately unable to make it.

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A lively though not very well attended meeting. The expected NHS speaker, who was going to tell us about the plans for the reconfiguration of services in SE London (as well as about why there is no GP practice in FH ward), gave last minute apologies. Her bosses had instructed her to pull out, because talking to us at this stage did not fit in with the approved ‘consultation model.’ A consultation document on the STP (‘sustainability and transformation plan’) for our area is to be published early next year. Expect bad news.

Work on the new Dartmouth Road layout will start early next year. It will require a contra-flow system for traffic, which will be moved along Dartmouth Road in a southerly direction from the station as the work on each section is completed. The whole process will take, if I remember rightly, over a year.

Paul Upex said that the council (or individual councillors?) are planning to make representations the unacceptable changes to FH train services currently being proposed by Southern.

He also promised to let us have the link to the formal report on the outcome of the consultation on a controlled parking zone covering the Dartmouth Road/Kirkdale area. (I have just looked for it myself on the LBL website - in vain).


Thanks Robin.

Good update, cheers Robin

Robin, the consultation report is on this link

Forest Hill is from page 40 onwards.

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Thanks, BorderPaul. Confirms what was said last night, that most respondents opposed the CPZ , except those at the bottom end of Thorpewood Avenue, in response to whose special problems the council is urged to consider some sort of ad hoc parking control.

Which committee or forum within the Council would consider this? What would be the decision-making process?

The transport team with the council have already concluded that “There is no street or logical grouping of streets in the study area where there is a clear case for the introduction of a new CPZ.”
That really ought to be an end to the matter until there is a substantial change to parking in the local area.

Is there a case for extending the current 30 minute limit on Dartmouth Road to (say) an hour? This might alleviate some of the problems.

I think 40 minutes is the current plan. This works better than 30 minutes, but personally I would have thought an hour would be better.

Surely with the work starting, this is something which could be managed - who decides this sort of thing? Is it as simple as writing to the Lewisham highways dept?

Probably. Let us know how you get on.

I have had some dealings with the Traffic department. I would advise you to come up with an argument to back up your requirement and look at the downside and who is likely to object.

Why do you want to extend it to an hour? Are you trying to get people to park there who are using the swimming pool or just allow people more time to eat/browse the shops?

Will they bring any additional benefit to the traders on Dartmouth Road? If only half the number of people can park there, will the traders lose half their car customers or will the new ones be twice as valuable?

As a trader I might be happier to have people park outside my shop/restaurant for a short period of time to collect food etc than somebody to park there for an hour unless of course they are going to eat-in/browse?

The other thing I would advise you to do is be patient. With cutbacks, it may take a while to look into your request and come back to you.

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When I want to eat in FH I have to use one of the car parks as the time allowed in the bays is not enough. There’s always plenty of space in the car parks so there’s enough provision. But if I’m feeling lazy or the weather is bad it might put me off tromping up to @TheArchieParker (which I love). I’ll end up in the Teapot or @StDavid instead. So definitely a potential disadvantage to Dartmouth Road eateries.

That’s true. But I always compare to Bromley, where I will happily park in The Hill, and walk to the town centre.
If the cafes and shops are good then a 5 minute walk will not deter people except in the worst weather.

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I have a 3 year old - the idea of parking on Dartmouth Road appeals because (at a conservative estimate) it would take 15 mins to walk with her from Perry Vale to (say) the Pools. An hour would be enough time for lunch at a cafe, or a quick trip to the pools.

I’ve emailed them and asked if they’re the right team to discuss this with. I’ll let you know how I get on, but given that I tried to contact them in November to ask about tree trimming and didn’t hear anything back yet, I am not hopeful.

It’s a different topic but a footbridge from the Perry Vale car park would make such a difference…

You’d be surprised at how quick that walk is. I did this exercise a few months back and put forward a suggestion to get Lewisham to allow 2hrs free in Perry Vale, like Sainsburys car park, and for all the traders in the town to actively promote 2 HOURS FREE PARKING IN 2 CAR PARKS WITHIN 2 MINUTES OF THE TOWN CENTRE (hello!!!), but it fell on deaf ears.