Forest Hill Woodcraft Folk


Me and my partner Cherie are hoping to set up a Forest Hill Woodcraft Folk in the area.

The Woodcraft Folk was founded in Forest Hill almost 100 years ago (Leslie Paul has a plaque outside 4 Bovill Rd) and now has hundreds of groups across the UK. Similar to Scouting, it is a group for children, boys and girls, to play and learn together. It has a strong focus on outdoor play and craft and also encourages children to care for the environment and the people around them.

At the moment we are trying to recruit other local parents to get involved and help make it happen.

So if you are a parent and interested in getting involved please get in touch.

You can see our Facebook Page here:



Me and my family are very interested in this. We don’t have a facebook account and we don’t really want to have one. Is there another way to contact you or the group?


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Hi Olly did you get anywhere with this? My kids (6 and 8) go to Elfins in Goose Green. We have since moved to Forest Hill. This works ok but I wondered if this had got off the ground