Forest Hill's Foxes


Cats only bury their poo if they are a subordinate in the area. If a cat thinks it is TC, then it will just place its stool in the most prominent position possible to mark its territory. In the past, this has frequently been on top of herbs in our kitchen garden which is quite revolting. Foxes help with this as they will take over as dominant in the area. This has certainly happened to us and though it sometimes means dealing with fox crap instead, this is generally less repulsive to deal with and just sited on the lawn typically. In any case, have no issue with tidying up after a wild animal - someone else’s pet is a different matter.

Foxes rule, literally. :wink: Just don’t feed them!


Getting pretty fed up with the foxes coming in our house of an evening.having to close the patio doors each time you leave the room for a minute is a complete pain. Tried keeping a water pistol to hand, and sprinkling urine near where they enter the garden but neither truck appears to work. Suggestions please?

Non human visitors & residents of SE23

Not sure if you meant to reply directly to me but I can’t help I’m afraid!

Whilst I am a fan of foxes generally I would not like that and it does not sound right - I wonder if Lewisham council could help? Certainly no good of they are doing that, especially in houses where there might be young children.

This might not be practical but could you borrow a dog for a bit? I wonder if the dog being there and / Or the smell would put them off?


Sorry, my question wasn’t aimed directly at you, but to the thread in general!


Maybe try ringing a pest control company? They may have some good ideas. The thought of them actually entering your house is scary indeed.


Found a badly injured fox in our work and The Fox Project came down and are now taking care of him. A good port of call if you find an injured fox in the area. They were with us within an hour.