Former Brent Knoll School Site - Mayow Road


SE23 is very lucky to have a leading Special Education school in our area dealing with children with social, communication and interaction issues - Brent Knoll, now in what looks like a fabulous new building on Perry Rise.

However, it used to have a site opposite Mayow Park on Mayow Road. Does anyone know what that site will become? Will there be another new school built there, or has it been sold off for development?

I’ve tried doing some research but couldn’t find an answer.

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With no knowledge about it at all, I am gonna go with a 4 storey collection of apartments and “affordable” housing.


I didn’t realise the new Brent Knoll had opened. On the website they’ve posted some fantastic videos.


I live on De Frene Road, I had heard that it had been sold to a developer. Then again I also heard from the same person (Bill the taxi driver) that the people moving in with bags of clothes were Syrian refugees, and it turns out that they’re just guardians living there temporarily. so no idea how true it is. Probably the most likely though is that it’ll be developed into flats, some affordable.


Good old Bill :joy:


is there anyone who doesn’t know Bill?!


me … or I wouldn’t have needed to ask :wink:

actually, he may be right. I got the impression there were people living there from some of the sights in the windows. It was one of the reasons I was wondering as I walked past it the other day. Looks like too many cars & windows for just on-site guardians, but maybe not


a lot of the cars there during the week are, I think, teachers at Forest Hill Boys / Sixth Form around the corner (or older students?)
there’s very few cars the on a Saturday or Sunday.


Looks like demolition is due to start this month.

The site notice says it will be on March 17th, though the email correspondence on the Lewisham planning pages records the planning department saying:

Also, the site notice says demolition works are intended to start 17th March 2018 – this is a Sunday? The earliest date a valid application has been received is 27.02.19. Allowing the 28 day period we have in which to issue a decision, the earliest you could demolish would be 28th of March. Any earlier demolition would not be permitted under the relevant permitted development rights and would be unauthorised and potentially liable to enforcement action. The notice also has to be displayed for a period of 21 days beginning on the date an application (entire i.e. including demolition method statement) is submitted to the local planning authority. The notice therefore needs to be displayed until 20thth March.

The notice should be updated to be clear on these two aspects.

I guess it doesn’t matter so much when it starts, so long as the disruption is minimised.

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I heard it is going to be used as a second site for an existing school, based in Croydon Borough.


I might be getting my wires crossed but is this not what we are talking about?


I don’t think so - that’s opposite the former school site.

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The aim of the project is to expand Greenvale Special School to provide an additional 93 spaces for Key Stage 5 and complex learning difficulties and disabilities (CLDD) places.

The additional spaces will be provided in a new build 2/3 storey block on a satellite site on Mayow Road (former Brent Knoll School Building).

As part of the Greenvale Expansion project, the former Brent Knoll School Buildings on the corner of Mayow road/De Frene road will be demolished to allow the development of new Greenvale school satellite building.

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I’m glad to see the site is staying for special needs education.


The site notice has been ammended with a corrected date:


Brent Knoll School Demolition by James Evans, on Flickr


Going… Going…

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I have to admit for myself it’s quite something to here the site will be kept for SNE , having worked on the new building on perry vale and been one of the guardians who live in the mayow road site .

They will knock down what was my first flat next . Good to see it finally moving on.


Almost gone!