Former Cafe No1, Waldram Crescent/Stanstead Rd - Kebab shop



Walked past to see the latter stages of work going on in here last night. What looked distinctly like two döner spikes behind the counter near the window, so can probably state with confidence it’s going to be a kebab shop.

Expecting the usual moans about takeaway food outlets and why-can’t-we-have-an-organic-larks-tongue-shop-instead, but I welcome this development, particularly if it keeps the hours that a kebab shop should keep. There’s a bit of a paucity of post-pub food in FH these days, since the station kebab shop converted into Aroma, and this fills a market need for those not enamoured of stringy chicken. Not sure it’s the best sited, though.

Also saw workmen entering the old Dewaniam restaurant site this morning.


That was my go to brekkie place so sad to see it go.


Ours too, BUT passing by on the last two days, I’ve seen the guy who usually runs the place in there, so I wonder if he’s just looking to extend opening hours - fry ups AND kebabs?

Mind you, there’s not much space left for seating now…


Yeah, I liked it as well (always reliable not to run out of black pudding, unlike many similar establishments). Two greasy spoons on the same junction was always going to come into question sooner or later, though.


It was the first place I stopped at in FH. I was looking at houses with my wife and we stopped off for a fry up to consider our options. Blimey - 20 years ago now.


What is and what are they going to do with the darwaium resturant we could do with pound shop. Or computer repairs shop.