Former Maplin / Fashion Clearance building [Becoming a Co-op?]

Hello does anyone know what the former maplin site is going to be as they doing work there

We are next door and one of the workmen told us the Co-op were moving in?

Maybe their new location as a hotel planned for their existing site?


REALLY??? That would be fantastic for me, personally… as it’ll be even closer to my house that the previous one!


Wonder how long it’ll take them to finish?

I asked The Co Op on Twitter… here’s their response:


I think (hope) that’s good news for you lot!

It certainly is for me.

Added a question mark to the title, as it’s unconfirmed (for now anyway).


Will be pleased if the Co-op stays in Forest Hill, it’s one of the decent ones round there, although I like the Forest Hill Superstore on Perry Vale as well, which has come in handy.

Co-Op have applied for a Premises Licence for the sale of alcohol at the old Maplin’s site on Stanstead Road, so it looks like they are staying in Forest Hill.


Great location!
And much safer for getting in and out of by car.


Three cheers for the co-op.
Hip Hip …
Hip Hip …
Hip Hip …
fingers crossed they get it. Would be a shame to loose such a handy shop.

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We also had a letter informing us Co-op had applied for planning permission so we may be getting new neighbours. Will be lovely to see the building occupied again.


This looks like the application: DC/19/112904

From the cover letter:

Pegasus Group are instructed on behalf of Co-operative Group Food Ltd. (‘the Applicant’), to
submit a planning application for the following development at 107-113 Stanstead Road,
Forest Hill, SE23 1HH

It looks like a good volume of the area will go to shop storage, so it might be a smallish store. Smallish but welcome :slight_smile: