Former Waters shopfront upgrade?

I note the vacant fishmonger/greengrocer shop on the other side of FH station by Clapton Craft has some plasterboard on the floor.

Can’t recall it being there before? Plans afoot?

I had the same thing at one of my shops recently.

Unfortuanately there was a massive leak from the flat roof above and the plasterboard ceiling ended up on the floor!

But hopefully that shop you’re talking about is on the up now.

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I should say, it’s all brand new. Looks like someone may be about to refit.

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That was my last day as Sugar Mountain boss - Loved you as my landlord @Anotherjohn no-one could ask for a better landlord than you on D Rd , You were ace, and l loved my shop before I had my 7 year itch to go to Uni as a mature student to get a degree, which you supported me fully on. I can only thank you for being you and supporting me in all my crazy ideas while I had the shop and also supporting me to go Uni to achieve my dreams - Love you, you Crazy Diamond x

You are a special person @Anotherjohn You make a difference x


There really aren’t enough people like that in the world.
especially when it comes to landlords


I agree. @Anotherjohn cares about the community and that is rare in a landlord. This special man does so much in the background for FH, most will never know how much he does as he is such a humble person. When I had my shop I had people popping in to thank me for donations for local projects which wasn’t me, it was him :slight_smile:
The world definitely needs more people like him to make a difference. Don’t you dare tell me off boss @Anotherjohn for praising you. Ha I still call you boss x
You are a very special person x

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Any further news? I couldn’t see anything of note including a notice last night.

Looked like work was going on there today. Plasterboard being taken in the back door and front door open.