Found - battered and lonely seahorse toy - Thorpewood Ave

On my way home from work last night I found an Aldi brand childs soft toy Seahorse

on the pavement - is a child missing it or could it belong to a pet perhaps? It is near to the junction of Thorpewood Avenue and Featherstone Avenue, up on the wall by the metalwork, outside number 43 (left hand side of road, going toward the library and Dartmouth Road).
Hope it finds its owner :blush:


Poor teddy - I’ve shared on :twitter: :crossed_fingers:


:clap: Thank you! Seahorse was still there earlier tonight.
I was thinking, maybe, if not belonging to a child or pet (dog, obviously) if maybe it might have been attached to a vehicle? I remember often seeing rubbish/bin lorries etc.
that have had soft toys attached to their grills or bumpers. Is that still the case?
I know there is more to worry about than “See the seahorse” - yeeeesss, I have named the poor lost one :joy:
Anyway, that seahorse HAS been previously loved by someone, so, let us hope they get (a/back) home" :grin::heartbeat::clap::+1:,


Bravo. You are a righteous man, Scorps.


If Seahorse had initially been dropped in the street or left in a garden it may even have been a fox that initially took it to play with and then left it somewhere else!

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Or woman even :grin::wink:


Very, very true!

Sorry Scorps. It’s hard to tell from these little pictures.

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Could post here, too. Thinking the “injuries” may have resulted from it being run over – could have been thrown into the road from a pushchair or car window? Hope it’s reunited with its person soon, anyway. :blue_heart:

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My great nephew who is 6. Still loves his teddy head tiny blanket. (Flannel size). It looks like an old rag now & goes virtually everywhere with him or in his mum’s bag. But he would be truly devastated if he lost it. So although it’s old and battered some child maybe delighted it’s not been thrown in the bin. It could be a happy ending if reunited, if lost. :crossed_fingers:

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