[Found] Beloved Bunny Teddy Lost @ Horniman

Son has just realised he left his teddy at the Horniman market at lunchtime today. This is a VIB (very important bear) who has been everywhere with him for many years and he’s not taken it particularly well. If you saw the bunny today, or handed him in, please do let me know. Long time reader first time poster and I realise it is a long shot, but any help much appreciated.

It’s probably worth calling Horniman’s tomorrow in case someone found it and handed it into the museum.
Hope he’s found and is home with your son soon.


It’s so horrible when a child loses a favourite toy. Hope you are reunited soon.

Crossing everything that you’re reunited soon – definitely worth contacting the Horniman. It may also be worth posting on this site, too, just in case.

That’s sad - I hope you find this teddy and I’ve shared on our :twitter: @SE23.life :crossed_fingers:

Reported found.

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Found the other side of the south circular with a bite taken out of his ear! Thanks all!


Happy to hear this – battle-scarred from his adventure! :slightly_smiling_face: :rabbit:

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Oh thank goodness, well done! :relaxed: