[Found] I'm looking for someone who can look after my cat (end of July and August)

Hi everybody,

My husband and I are leaving at the end of July and won’t be back in London until the end of August.
Unfortunately, all the catteries are fully booked and I’m in desperate need of a cat lover who will be kind enough to look after our little Mirtillo, a 1-year old black and white ragdoll. Ideally, I’m looking for someone who can take Mirtillo to their place and look after him for 5 weeks (no pet sitting).

I’m happy to discuss an appropriate payment and provide more details in person.

Please get in touch as soon as possible, if interested.

Chiara (07553360210)

Hi Chiara, it might be worth looking on CatInAFlat, some sitters on there will take in cats to their homes to look after them while the owners are away


Thanks for the tip. Very helpful! I’ll certainly check it out.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thanks everyone,

I have found someone!



Great news!


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