FOUND: Lost ginger and white cat – Sienna Place Honor Oak Park

Hello SE23,

Our cat Kevin is missing since Sunday 24th May evening time. He usually spends a lot of time out and about, but not coming back for food is very unusual for him. He’s a ginger and white cat, no collar, appears friendly at first but will likely swipe you within a couple of seconds. He lives on Sienna Place, Honor Oak Park and hangs out on Ballina St and Lessing St, but does also go further afield. Can everyone please check their sheds, garages, cars, etc? He tends to find his way into places and could be trapped.

If you have seen him, can you call Fran on 07447772077. We’re really worried about him and would really appreciate if everyone could be on the look out.

Thanks everyone,


Sorry to hear about Kevin.

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Thanks so much Chris, really appreciate that! Hoping he turns up soon, will update if we hear anything of him. Thanks, Sophie

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What a gorgeous cat, really hope he gets home soon.


Thanks Gill, we’ve posted flyers through doors and knocked on a few, so hopefully we hear something soon :slight_smile:

Kevin has made his way home – found a little sheepish in someone’s garden. Thanks so much for sharing my post and helping us out :slight_smile:


Our friend is back we wondered where he was always follows us up and down Siena place my partner is not a big cat person. However he will be pleased he even asked me 30 mins ago any news yet. For someone who is not a big fan of cats Sure did keep a look out!! We are both pleased x

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Hi Sophie, I think he’s been hanging out at the top of Gabriel/ Bovil. If it is him then he’s been having midnight snacks at my house, much to my Moggy’s dismay. Glad he’s found his way home. X