Found Purse on Stanstead road

Hi there,

I’m looking for a Donna Matthews or anyone who might know her. I found a purse with some cash and a few cards in it at the bus stop by the BP garage on Stanstead road. I contacted her bank, who immediately cancelled the card, but wouldn’t allow me to leave any contact details… Address on one of the cards doesn’t match to what the bank had either.

Long shot, I know… But I have to try.


Hi there
I know Donna, her daughter and our’s are good friends.
I’ll see if she can get in touch with you.


Turns out there’s more than one Donna Matthews who live close to/use Stanstead Road and this doesn’t below to the one I know. She’s already had lots of SE23ers getting in touch!


From my Internet sleuthing, it appears that this is the Donna Matthews who played guitar for Elastica… There’s no online presence that I can find.

If I haven’t heard anything in the next couple of days I’ll hand it in to the bank or police.

I’ll update the thread if and when that happens.


Thanks, I know Donna and have emailled her. Will let you know when I get a response

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Hey! I’m the correct Donna!! Excellent that you found the purse! You can keep the cash for being so honest – I really appreciate it – but it be great to get my driving license back :+1::+1: Let me know where to come to pick it up :grinning: