FOUND: small tabby cat green eyes, Forest Hill Road - UPDATE, reunited with owner

small tabby cat with green eyes has been hanging about in our garden since noon today.
Very vocal and desperate for attention - seems lots and worried. Isn’t injured and looks in very good health - clearly a well loved pet. Won’t leave our garden, even when it got dark. We have foxes in the garden at night so we have taken her in for the night and fed her. Will take her to the vet tomorrow to see if she’s chipped. Please let me know if she’s yours, you must be very worried.


Could this be Oprah the missing cat? We saw a poster today about her.


I also wondered if this was Oprah! There are posters all over Honor Oak Park and beyond.


Looks like it could be Oprah to me to: Oprah the cat - missing

Paging @janelouise

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Ah, thanks so much for thinking of us everyone. Sadly that’s not little Oprah, who is definitely still missing. Our cat has paler markings, and is a bit smaller. Really touched that you all remembered though. We’re getting married next Saturday and I would so love it if she came home before then! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Thanks to the OP too for doing such a nice thing and taking this cat in. Hope there is at least one happy reunion soon. :heart:

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Hi all, thanks so much for your help. Thankfully she’s chipped and her owners are collecting her from the vet :slight_smile:
JaneLouise, I’m so sorry that Oprah is still missing. We’re at the top of Forest Hill Road so probably a bit far for her to wander but we will keep our eyes open for her. I hope Oprah comes home to you this week and you have a lovely wedding.