Fowl Mouths pop up at the All Inn One



OMG the food at the new pop up in All in One is stunning. Japanese comfort food is the way to go.

Seriously I and two friends have had an amazing evening with the most unbelievable food

Kitchen Pop Ups at The All Inn One Pub Meetup: ‪February 2017, All Inn One‬ Meetup: ‪February 2017, All Inn One‬
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I have to agree with you Chris, boys at the bar had squid, wings and edemame beans. All fantastic and perfect bar food. Back tomorrow for the mains we think!


Mel @FowlMouths think your first night went fab with these comments :slight_smile:


I’ll be in like Flynn next week. Been looking forward to it since someone posted on here when they were elsewhere - shows the power of the local word.


Second the comments above, wife and I really enjoyed the food, 'twas excellent. We’ll be back the next time we have family down again to do the babysitting.


Thank you @Chris_Hesketh_Hesky @Stix @Foresthillnick! Really chuffed you enjoyed it & lovely feedback on our first night. Think we’re going to enjoy it here :blush:
Thanks for the heads up @Pauline. Lovely to read x


I guarantee the Fowl Mouths Instagram feed will make you feel hungry:


Goddamit Chris! I haven’t had my brekkie yet and I’m Hank Marvin!


Oh My!


Went here last night – it’s superb! Quickly, go before they move somewhere else. Really recommend the salmon.


Oh I am very tempted for Mel @FowlMouths to hang around in the area so will keep mentioning her :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh looks like they are doing well as we tried to go last night but the restaurant section was fully booked! Will have to try again another time.


Ha @ChrisBeach - I do love Instagram!

Thanks everyone for all your support. It’s been a brilliant 3 days and busier than I could have hoped for. Thanks to anyone for bearing with us during any first-week hiccups too.

Back next Weds. Can’t wait :heart_eyes:


Ah shame you couldn’t dine with us. We were fully booked (even with a couple of no-shows) but back next Weds-Sat.

We’re also opening from 5.30pm so people can get in earlier, and there’s lunch on Sat too. Hope to see you soon :slight_smile:


We also went on Thursday and really enjoyed the food - in fact our (then) unborn child enjoyed it so much that my wife went into labour about an hour afterwards and our boy Elliott was born at King’s at quarter to eight on Friday evening. :smile: thanks Fowl Mouths! We are keeping the receipt as a memento.


Wow! Congrats @simonk133


Amazing @simonk133! Congratulations! Welcome to the world Eliiott :heart_eyes:


We were very impressed with the Fowl Mouths pop-up at Hopscotch a while ago, will definitely have to visit All Inn One!


Popped in last night with my OH and it was lovely. The @AllInnOne is a lovely pub and I am now kicking myself for not going sooner and @FowlMouths food was great. Really friendly, felt at home right away and I’ll be back before the end of the month for more.

Salted caramel brownie with green tea ice cream - that was dialed in since I saw the menu. Was not disappointed.


Brilliant :blush: glad you had a good time Nick & thanks for coming down