Fowl Mouths pop up at the All Inn One



Had a really great meal with Fowl Mouths last night. Top tip, though - don’t stick your finger in your eye after eating the spicy fries!

Delicious food, fresh and hot and so tasty.


Seems men may wish to particularly heed that advice too.


Came for dinner on Thursday and enjoyed it so much we’re back for lunch today. Fabulous food and drink and hospitality.


I also came Thursday and am back with family today. Superb food and service.


Mel @FowlMouths we need to find a way to keep your amazing food in SE23 everyone loves it :heart::heart:

Pop in for a chat soon Mrs xxx


We went on Friday and had the fried chicken and miso mushroom dishes. The mushrooms were particularly lovely, beautifully flavoured and very savoury. The only slightly bum note was the rice, simultaneously mushy and a little too “crunchy”, it felt a little like it has been soaked too long before cooking.

However all in all a lovely addition to Forest Hill. We’ll definitely go again.


Ah thanks for coming Hannah & sorry about the rice. We had a few rice issues which I thought had been ironed (steamed?) out but clearly not entirely. I’ll look into it again to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks for the kind words @RachaelDunlop @Dave @topofthehill thanks for the kind words all. Really appreciated.
Looking forward to our last week at @AllInnOne - being back in Forest Hill has been all we’d hoped for.


Thought you all might appreciate this snap of @simonk133, Catherine & baby Elliott! What a cutie. So chuffed I got to see him :heart_eyes: