Fox thieves


I’ve always had doorstep milk delivery and now I can order bread and groceries too. However when I did that all the food was stolen by foxes and the remains and packaging scattered down the street. Any suggestions for a foxproof box?


It shouldn’t get out of this.


We’ve had loads of aweful foxes recently :frowning:


Thanks for replies. I don’t think catching a fox is practicable - there are so many of them and what do I do with it when caught? I should have made it clearer that what I am looking for is some kind of container into which food deliveries can be placed and which foxes will not be able to open.


A plastic box with clip lid from Homebase or similar may be a good idea.


What @Londondrz said! If it can be fixed to the ground or weighed down that would help too! Foxes are clever but not particularly strong…


Could you use your recycling bin? Perhaps with a strap or hook with an IKEA bag hanging inside so things can be delivered into it?

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