Free bamboo plants [gone]


I have 5 outdoor bamboo plants to give away to a good home, I am doing my garden so no longer need them. You can take one or all five! Collection only anytime over the weekend.

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Hi Jessica.
I’d like these if they’re still going.
Cheers, Tim.

Hi Tim, yes you’re the first to reply so they are still going! When would you like to collect them? Do you want all of them?

All would be great. I don’t think I’m set up for PMs though but I’ll ask and you can send your address.

Great stuff! Please do send me a PM (I am unsure if I am set up either) and I can share my address with you and you can either pop over today or over the weekend. :slight_smile:

Hi @JessicaAR and @Fish

I’ve upped both your permissions so you should now be able to message each other.

Any issues let us know.



Thanks Al.
I think I’ve sent a PM. How can I check?

These have now gone we’ve been informed - I’ll close the thread on that basis as requested.