Free firewood [Taken]

Free fire wood in our front garden ready for you to take away.

10 - 12 discs from the trunk of a hardwood Lyme tree. You are free to take any amount you like.

12” thick and around 50-80 cm in diameter.
Easy to axe up into great firewood.

SE22 near Horniman museum.

PM me for details.

still available

I suspect it may still be available as it has to be ‘seasoned’ to burn effectively (dried out). This can take time and I believe you’re not allowed to burn it in London if it hasn’t been as it produced a lot more smoke (but feel free to correct me if ).

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I’m interested in some of these but could only collect Saturday if they are still available then.

sorry. gone.
It is not advertised as seasoned. You are allowed to burn with defra approved eco burners.

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