Free (Gin) & Tonic! (All now taken)

Hi, I am moving house and have 13 cases (24 bottles per case) of Tonic (mix of Tonic and Slimline) it’s a premium tonic brand, all in glass 200ml bottles.
I bought it for a party this summer that never happened! I’m moving and don’t want to move it all. Free to anyone that will collect. By all means take 3/4 cases, by all means have it all!

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Wow! An offer I can’t refuse.what a generous offer. Would love a bit if it is still going? Where are you based and I can drive round.

No worries, it has all been in my shed and probably a bit dirty around the packaging but honestly nothing wrong with it. What is your email let’s message privately

Thank you. It is

Chat to you soon

Oh wow this sounds ace! I’ll take some if there’s any left, thank you!

Also keen to have some - very generous (or should I say ginerous!)

312 bottles of tonic mixers, which only covers the gin & vodka drinking guests…
WOW - that was gonna be some party!


I can’t delete this post, I don’t ‘have permission’ all the tonic has gone now. Thanks

I’ve edited the title to say it’s all now taken.

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