Free iMac computer for library/charity?

Hi I wondered if the library or a local charity would like a free 20in iMac computer. It’s 12 years old but still works well. Perhaps someone could let me know who best to contact? It would be great if it went to a community project that needs it!


@smiris, that’s very generous of you :+1:

CC @Pauline, @Michael, @Simon, @leafandgroove

I’m afraid it wouldn’t be of any use for the library as all the machines are Windows based machines with central management, but thanks for thinking of the library.

You can run Windows on a Mac.

Centrally managing machines makes a lot of sense in a situation like this and saves a lot of time with maintenance. This is further simplified if the architecture of each machine is similar as identical images can be rolled out. Windows based also makes sense in this context as it is an open standard so replacement and maintenance is cheap. So, though you are correct that one can run Windows on a Mac, it is not always a good idea.


Just a minor pedantic technical point - Windows isn’t an open standard. It’s owned by Microsoft.

On the other hand, Apple is admirably committed to open standards and open source components where possible within their OS. Both Macs and Windows PCs can be centrally managed, but as @Michael points out in this case, the library uses centralised management for Windows, not Mac, so this is why Macs running macOS would probably not be suitable.

I agree the differing architecture of Macs and PCs might make a Mac running Windows more difficult to integrate in a Windows centrally managed environment.

Well that makes you a minor pedant. I think you know what I meant. The IBM pc architecture is an open standard and replacement generic parts are widely available as a result. Was trying to keep this non-technical! :slight_smile:

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Other local charities that might be interested: @younglewishamproject or @V22?

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Is this still available. Registered charity is Media Community Network.
Tel 07947 817733
Uses Film, Music and Dance to bring communities together. IMAC would be very useful as we do not have a charity designated machine.

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On this subject - anyone from local charities interested in a (pretty old) Packard Bell PC / wireless keyboard / monitor / speakers combo?

It has Win10, Office 2007 and Firefox loaded on it, and is otherwise (pretty much) clean of data and apps, though it might be a good idea to get a tame IT person to check it out before using it again.

No WiFi connection I’m afraid, though I have in the past plugged in a WiFi adaptor and it’s worked perfectly OK.

If this is still going & any other computers, laptops, tablets & phones?
I work for Songle Homeless Project & our young persons hostels would really appreciate this

Yes please

Tara - have sent you a private message with my contact details.

Hi Lavern just trawling through the posts. I’ve got a couple of printers that id like to donate somewhere if you’d like them


No thank you am good for printers.

Hi, I work voluntarily running a UK registered charity which supports community education and environmental awareness in Indonesia. The charity doesn’t yet have a printer and neither do I so this would be very useful! Please let me know if still available, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, wondering is the computer still available?

Hi Chani yes still available if you want them. I haven’t managed to get round to doing anything with them yet.

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