Free John Lewis solid wood coffee table

I have a solid wood coffee table to give away - it’s good sized with a handy shelf. Has a few bumps and scrapes but generally in good nick so lots of life left in it. Pics attached.

Measures 102cm x 51cm x 40 cm high.

We claimed it from someone posting it here a few years ago and now replacing so offering it back up. Fairly heavy so needs a car to pick up - we’re around Woolstone Road area.

Taking social distancing into account we can arrange to leave outside the house when you come to collect!

Thanks, Ann-Marie

Thay was my coffee table! Glad you got good use out of it.

Ps we don’t want it back having upgraded ourselves! :grin:


Hi Hannah, funnily enough your original post popped up as a ‘similar post’ suggestion while I was composing it! Thank you again it’s given us some good service and hopefully it can find a happy 3rd home here :grinning:

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