FREE lawnmower and strimmer

We just moved and in the flat there was this lawnmower and strimmer that we do not need. They work.

These is a collector that a
lso fits onto the back of each

Honour Oak based

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Hi Emma,

If it’s still available could I please collect?

Many thanks,

Hi Vic

Got someone coming to have a look at it at 4pm, if they don’t come I’ll let you know.

Hi Vic, we still have the mower if you want to come and look? I’ll send Address on a private message.
I’m on a road off brockly rise

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Hi Emma,

I’m so sorry for not replying, just seen your messages. Presume you’ve got rid of it now but just wanted to apologise.


Hi Emma,

If on the off chance you’ve still got the mower I’d be interested.
Assume you’ve shifted by now but thought it’s worth checking!

Mine just died halfway through the first mow of the year!

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