Free motorcycle paddock stand

Oxford motorcycle paddock stand offered FOC to anyone who wants to come and get it. Not been used for 2 years as current bike has a centre stand. Just off Perry Vale.

(Can someone move this to wanted/offered? Thanks!)



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Hiya Moto_Hodder might be worth adding some details - I am assuming it is a rear(?) paddock stand (or is it front!) and double sided (may have made that phrase up - not single sided is what I mean). Hope this helps shift it for you.

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Yes. to all the above (rear stand, dublesided, cups not bobbins)

(EDIT: typed this using a touchscreen keyboard that obscured the input box at the bottom - however, I think you get the gist)

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Does nobody want this? It’s free AND useful!

Seeing as nobody here wanted it, its been donated to another good home.