Free Nintendo Wii + 15 games + Wii Board [gone]

We got this Wii from this very forum earlier this year. It’s in perfect condition, comes with 15 games and even includes a Wii Board and steering wheels.

My girlfriend and I have only managed to play a couple of times since then so we feel this Wii set would benefit someone more eager to play!
The offer is for the full set. First come first serve. Simply send a DM or post below. We live near Honor Oak Park.


Hi that’s a very generous offer! We actually have a wii already but would love a few of the games if possible! Am interested in the dance/ sports ones for my kids. I understand you May just prefer one person to take the lot but I could pop round this afternoon if you wouldnt mind. (I can also take it all and pass on the rest we don’t need if that works better for you?). Please let me know, thanks!

Hello. Happy to take it all off your hands. Minus some of the games if they’ve gone to the other poster. Can collect whenever suitable. BM

The Wii set has been picked up but thank you for all the interest!


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