Free Paper Shedder (TAKEN)


My office is relocating and not taking a number of things. To try to aim to save some these, would anyone like this shredder?

I don’t have a measuring tape but it’s about knee high and has been working for years with decent through put. It’s in Aldgate but I can bring it back with me tomorrow if anyone wants it and neither drop it off on my way back, or you can collect from me in SE23. It’s chunky so might suit an office more but will work anywhere.

Looks to be this one, currently going for a cool £299.99 on Amazon. If so:

32 x 42 x 57 cm

Anything juicy and unclaimed and worth looking at? :smirk:

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Not really I’m afraid!

We might have a few tables, possibly some server racks and a 1/2 rack but it’s getting all these to people. and the large racks don’t fit in the lift - which was frankly amazing to discover when we moved in! I can confirm racks are heavy - thank god we were only on the first floor!

Tables need to be taken apart and transported (which we did with 99% of them but still have about 6).

I think we will have some plates, cutlery etc but nothing overly exciting…though I did find a soft toy panda and buffalo which my son is very happy with!

As much as I would like a server rack, even a 1/2 one… I’ve a feeling my wife would nix the idea. Presumably we’re talking about 7/8ft tall ones here?

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I’m in the market for an under desk 2 drawer filing cabinet if that is available.

Did the shredder go?

Nope still here! You want it?

Got this and a few like it. I warn you will probably need NASAs finest engineers to decontaminate it first…

There is another one which is lower and just has the top drawer for stationary etc with the lower drawer as with this one.

They are not pretty but functional!

Yes please.
Will I be able to collect from SE23?

Yep - I will hopefully collect it tomorrow and can either drop it off on my way back if you are around (I’m not sure on the time yet) or alternatively you can collect.

\ Outside chance I might only collect Thursday but it’s yours. Will message once I have it.

Can you PM me your mobile and I’ll message you once I have it and we can co-ordinate delivery or collection.

Will measure tomorrow!

Thanks for the offer. But in the end we punted for a rather colourful green one with a drawer. One half of we would’ve preferred free. :man_shrugging:

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