Free School Meal Half Term Donations

I wonder will Lewisham Council and other local councils close by are going to kindly help those in need? I heard some local councils are already and I am happy to contribute when I can and do.
So lovely to hear, read and see people help others in time of need even more so now. But the government need to do more we all got bills to pay families to feed Etc. And thank LEJ for posting I was going to mention something similar myself!! Stay safe and have a good day all xx


According to my contact at the FoodBank:

We have been supporting the Young Mayoresses behind the scenes as they are taking a lead on this

You can volunteer to help here.


Thanks for this link! I’ve provided details.


More info here


Lewisham Council have now announced their support.


Lewisham Mayoress appeal to raise £10k has reached nearly £20k so far. Capturing the mood of much of the nation by the look of it.


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Thanks so much for the details above for those that have made suggestions, I really appreciate it and will spread the word.


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Thank you so much to everyone that has kindly responded so far with suggestions or offers of help. It’s wonderful to know that there are so many thoughtful people nearby.

Lewisham Council are going to be filling the gap this half term which is wonderful but as things are most likely only going to get harder for people this winter, I’m going to keep a list here of local venues/places to donate to. Please feel free to keep adding to the thread and I’ll make sure the list is updated.

Also in the run up to Christmas, if anyone has any suggestions of ideas of things we could all do together to raise money for/help those going without it, would be great to hear. I’m new to the area so there may well be initiatives already set up for present donations etc.

The Poodle Club, Sydenham
Donate here to help them:

Local, Jess Richardson-Smith is going to be making packed lunches/hot meals for children this week. If you want to contact her to donate food or contribute towards it, her email is linked.

Packed Lunch Appeal

The Lewisham Mayoresses
Lewisham Foodbank

SE23 Specific Drop Off Points
Lewisham Borough Drop Off points


The lovely Poodle Club in Sydenham have come back to me:

Thanks for getting in touch. People have been so kind to offer to help us with this half term lunch project. If you are able to contribute toward the cost of food that would be greatly appreciated. We’ve set up a GoFundMe page, if there is any extra left over at the end of the week, we’ll donate it all to the Lewisham Food bank who do a great job of feeding local families year round.


FSMs are being widely discussed across media these last few days. So its also useful to understand the eligibility by which kids qualify for these meals. You have to be on a pretty low household income.

As a resident of Lewisham I’m pretty proud of my council’s response on this matter. Supported by the community donations and a growing list of local businesses, many of themselves experiencing hardships.

Well done.

The BBC News night policy editor has posted an excellent thread on this topic. You can find it by searching for Lewis Goodall on Twitter.

Thanks @LEJ for persisting with this great thread.


Well done everyone for maintaining this.

Well done Marcus Rashford for promoting it! A decent human being


Jess Richardson-Smith is going to be making packed lunches/hot meals for children this week. If you want to contact her to donate food or contribute towards it, her email is

"FREE KIDS MEALS NEXT WEEK. Next week I am going to prepare some kids packed lunches for those that need them. Pick up location in Lewisham area TBC, between 12.30-1.30pm. There will be a meat and a vegetarian option available.

At the moment there will be limited numbers, if you are able to and want to help contribute, so we can make as much as possible for the week (and hopefully add a hot evening meal in the package too) that would be greatly appreciated. You can send money via Paypal (PayPal email: or If you want to buy food and drop it off to me, please get in touch so I can tell you what we need. If we have any funds left at the end of the week, we will be using it to do essential grocery shops for those that need it."

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Jess has said the pick up point for the meals she is providing will be Ninth Life pub all week next week between 12.30-1.30pm.

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What sort of donations do you need? :blush:

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Thanks so much Gill, that’s so kind of you.

We’ve collated a list here of local options - whether you’d rather donate financially, products or time, there’s a few to choose from.Thank you very much again :slight_smile: