FREE STUFF! Vestris Rd SE23

Free stuff!

Garden table
Kids scooter
Kids sand table
Kids police car
Bric a brave
Ikea sun lounger


More stuff to be added throughout day

Collect halfway up Vestris Road Forest Hill SE23

First come first served :slight_smile:

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Most of these things have gone except

Black Garden table
Kids sand table

There is now also a

Kids wheelbarrow
Kids hoopla set

I will continue to update this over the next few days, keep your eyes peeled

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More free stuff!

Bathroom cabinet
Wooden doll’s house
Plastic planting pots
Bric a Brac
Glass flip top bottles (good for home brewing)
Kids tool set
Set of curtains

On Vestris road right now, halfway up
All free come n get it :slight_smile:
Will be more throughout the day

Half the stuff just got taken
What’s left for now is pictured

Have just added a bag of kindling/firewood - had saved this for a camping trip, it’s been dried out in the shed for 3 years, perfect for anyone who Is planning a campfire

Just added:

Two metal garden planters
Jam making kit
Glass preserving bottles

Now added:

Kids outdoor playmats
French and German books

And a bag of garden bark

More stuff!

Bar drip trays
Emergency light (don’t ask)
Cutlery trays
Mini vinyl box
Bird seed
Pizza oil

Last free stuff remaining!

Kids play mats
Bar drip trays
Plastering sand
Seedling pots
Vinyl singles box
Kindling and firewood
Cutlery trays
Glass bottles and jars
Kids magnetic alphabet and numbers
Brewing/distilling flip top bottles
Baking tins
French/german grammar booms
Biscuit tin
Paper bags

Collection half way up Vestris road forest hill
Will all be recycled tomorrow if no takers

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Late to see this - has the book shelf gone?

Everything has gone now I’m afraid

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