Free webinar tomorrow Thursday 14th at 6pm about Covid-19 vaccination for all Lewisham residents

COVID19 Vaccination Webinar Poster January 2021.pdf (513.3 KB)

From the attached poster:

COVID-19 Vaccination Webinar
Date: Thursday 14th January 2021
Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm (1 hour)
Venue: Online

If you plan to join the webinar using a phone or tablet, you will need to download the zoom app first. To help in the fight against COVID-19, the NHS is delivering the largest vaccination programme in its history. The vaccines are now being offered across South East London to those most at risk of the virus.

About this Event

Public Health and the NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is hosting a FREE online session for residents about the COVID-19 vaccination programme. The webinar will cover a variety of topics and answer questions including:

  • What vaccines are available
  • How safe is the vaccine?
  • Who is currently eligible for the vaccine
  • Where will residents be vaccinated?
  • How will residents be contacted?
  • Fact or fiction?: Dispelling the myths about vaccination

There will be a chance for everyone to ask questions! Hear from speakers including:

Dr Catherine Mbema, Director of Public Health, Lewisham Council.

Those involved in the local vaccination delivery programme

Who is it for?
The event is open to all Lewisham residents.

How to join the webinar?
The event is on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 936 4942 4146 Passcode: 0wh6fu


This was excellent - well-organised and informative. What I’m not sure about is how it was publicised. If I hadn’t heard about it on this forum, I don’t think I’d have known it was happening


Glad to hear it was useful - do you know if it was recorded? Any specific bits from the webinar you can share as I couldn’t make it myself?

In terms of how it was announced I’m not sure - I heard about it via my kids school, who sent out announcements for things like this periodically (I assume it goes to all schools but not sure). There is probably somewhere to sign-up for announcements like this, but I don’t know it. If I find something I’ll let you know, in the meantime I’ll try and publish things on here if I think they are of interest outside the school setting.

I read about it on Lewisham BC’s social media, always worth a follow for this type of information. I think our MP tweeted about it as well. Not sure if it was sent out by email, but also useful to sign up for those.

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Some local schools sent out an email for the event too, so there seems to have been a good effort to get the message out in a variety of ways.

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It was mentioned on the council/Mayor’s weekly newsletter last Friday.

You can sign up for the newsletter at :


I watched it. Lucky because some couldn’t. It reached the 500 limit. Not recorded but they are considering doing another.

I thought it was quite well done though the council might splash out on a nicer camera for the Medical Officer. I thought her quite impressive. It steered the difficult line between being too basic - repeating what we all know - and being inaccesible to those that actually don’t. Some interesting stuff came out. We are lucky with the five local vaccination centre - having two (Jenner & Sydenham Green) while the rest of the borough have to squeeze into the other three - one in Deptford, one in St Johns and one in Central Lewisham. So if you live in Lee/Grove Park you will have to travel.

One practice had done 2,000 jabs but the borough total was only 6,000. Though that doesn’t count those done in other settings. They may use the Excel - though Epsom racecourse is more accessible to us (being on the trainline to Tattenham Corner).


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Did they advise the process when your ‘turn’ comes up? I presume I’ll get some notification from my GP… but what next? Do we then have an option of where to go for the jab? I know those who use Vale Medical Centre will have access to the Sydenham Green centre but I’m now also hearing that chemist will be giving out vaccines and then there will be the larger hubs.

Enquiring minds and all that.

Yes, it was mentioned in the mayor’s weekly email - sorry, I must not have noticed it. We were told that it was not possible to record the webinar, but not why - I gather however they may put on a repeat session. Difficult to identify specific bits which were of particular interest, as different people will have different concerns and priorities, and I wasn’t taking notes anyway!

Though others clearly were - thanks, Stuart.

No. But they did say you would also be notified by text/email/phone call as the post is problematic atm. There is provision for people who have other languages - though my question on deaf access didn’t get answered.

A GP gave her experience of being jabbed (she was in a highly vulnerable category) and did confirm that there was provision for bringing along a supporter/carer.

I didn’t say above that 60% of the hour was devoted to answering questions (of which there were hundreds). And contrary to every other Zoom meeting I have attended - ended on the dot at 7pm.



Why don’t they just have an answer for all those questions on their website

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Give them a break!

Another webinar on Thursday 28th January at 6.00.

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They have now done that. Here.

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See Additional COVID-19 vaccination webinar for Lewisham Residents for details on the additional webinar being arranged for 28th January