[Free] Wicker & Glass Dining table and chairs (or any part of)

We are finally replacing our dining table & table that we inherited from our previous owner. The chairs are not in the greatest of nick, but the table is pretty good (will probably need some strengthening at some point).

Before we take it to the tip I wanted to see if anyone might find some use for it - either in full or partially. If someone is creative I think they might be able to make sure of the glass top.

The table is circular and has a diameter of around 125 cm.

I have attached some images and am happy to answer any questions.

If not taken, we will probably take it to the tip next weekend.

We would love to take it off your hands if it’s still available?

You are more than welcome. As I say the chairs are not in the greatest of nick, but do the job.

Ok great - thank you.

Do you have any photos of the chairs? Essentially if they have big holes in then we may not take them.

We are based on Priestfield Road so can come and grab them whenever.

Thanks again.


One is worse than the others - and this is the worst bit.
We are up on Honor Oak Road.
If you are still interested drop me an email sbonathan@hotmail.com

They look great. I will drop you an email tomorrow. Have a good evening.

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