Free wood and decking offcuts

I have a load of leftover deck boards in various sizes and other wood offcuts - free to anyone that wants them. Could be used for a craft project or just cut up for firewood.

Thought i’d throw it out there on the premise that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

Do you have a photo? I’m always keen to build little garden projects with offcuts, weather its shelving for the shed, planters or benches.

Minor point, but assuming it is treated timber, it probably isn’t suitable for firewood due to the preservatives used.

More information can be found here:

Hi Rob, hope this picture gives you a rough idea. The longest bits are just over a metre or so and various sizes down from there. Let me know if any of it’s of interest

Thanks for the link, I had heard of that years ago but had since been told by a gardener friend (admittedly not done my own research) that all treated timber is now safe to burn due to an EU directive passed some years ago that stopped poisonous stuff being used. Will look into it some more when I have a moment :blush:

You might well be right - I hope you are :slight_smile:

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