Free yoga in the park

Hello Forest Hill residents!

I am a part-time yoga instructor based in Forest Hill. In these crazy times we might all benefit from the positive energy and clarity that practicing yoga can bring to us. I have decided I would like to begin providing free community yoga sessions in an outside setting.

I will update this post with a time and location. Namaste! - Ellie


Good idea - i’d definitely join in

I’d come!

I’ve never done yoga before. Would first timers be okay?

I’d like to come along too.

I’m just back from a walk around Blythe Hill Fields and I’m quite sure this will be a good setting for… let’s call it… Distance Yoga! It’s pretty cold and grey out there today so I would like to wait another day and potentially schedule the first practice for tomorrow, Friday afternoon/evening. Please check back tomorrow for an update. Namaste! - Ellie


That’s absolutely fine if you are a first timer. I will be demonstrating and explaining the poses and will try to make the practice as accessible as possible. Please check this thread again Friday morning for an update. Note you will have to bring your own yoga / exercise mat.

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