Fridge disposal

The Lewisham website says that they are not collecting fridges at the moment.
Has anyone any ideas on how to dispose of one?
Are not Lewisham legally obliged to provide this service?

I understand that local authorities are obliged to offer this service, but it may not be in the time-frame suitable for you. Hopefully they will begin collection again soon, as they have just done with other large items.

Have you bought a new fridge yet? If not, I think most major retailers offer a collection service for old fridges. Or if you need to get rid of it urgently, the recycling centre will take it from you, or there are a lot of licensed waste removal companies available.

But with current guidance for social/physical distancing, you would probably need to move the fridge outside for any form of collection.

Good luck.

Appliances Online ( will do a fridge collection for about £20, even if you’re not buying a new one from them at the same time.

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That may even cheaper then the council.

Let’s hope they do not sub-contract it to someone who leaves it in the street.

I think are a big enough brand that’s unlikely and would hopefully take it very seriously if that were ever found to be the case.

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I will take it to the dump sticking out of the back of my hatchback.

If it still works stick it on FreeCycle…


If the fridge is still working you could also list it on which seems to be used by quite a lot of local residents.

Good idea. There is also Freecycle. I’m amazed at what will be taken when it’s free.