Friendly cat - owner?

Hi all, We live on Cranston Road and we’ve been visited by a friendly cat for the past six months. He (we think he’s a he) doesn’t have a collar (we’ve named him Archie) but we wanted to know whether he belonged to anyone? He spends quite a bit of time with us in the evenings and we’re always concerned about him when we go away.

Anyone know who he belongs to? Would be keen to ask something about his health.

Thank you


My cat seems to have gone walk abouts we are on Colfe. She Comes home every few days. Just wonder if it might be my cat!
I can tell if it’s her, her back claws don’t recline back in. Plz let me know many thanks!

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I’ve messaged you with details.

Hi Adam, this looks very much like my cat too. We live on Sunderland Road and he is a very friendly, big all black cat with no collar. He is microchipped. He was at home being fed earlier today but he does love being out and about and is always happy when he finds someone to pamper and feed him!

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Many Thanks

I live on Cranston Road and this looks like my cat. He’s an old boy and going through medical treatment. He’s incredibly friendly so likely to be Alfie. Whilst no collar, he’s microchipped

Hi did you find out if she was my cat as she hasn’t been home in days and really missing her!
Plz can you let me know
Kind regards carol
Mobile No’s 07728841084

Hi I’m quite concerned that my cat hasn’t come home in days! .
I was wondering if you would like to take care of her as I hate to think, she is in the cold an it’s very wet, she seems to be very happy around you! It’s breaking my heart but sometimes you have to let go!
Plz let me know.
If you can text me and will give you her details!