Friends of Baxter Field Survey

There’s a friends of Baxter Fields group who are working on getting funding for new play equipment etc.

If anyone uses Baxter Fields please fill in this survey!


Thanks Pauline. I have just filled in the survey, it was really quick and easy and will hopefully make a difference. I have suggested that exercise equipment be considered. I know a priority of the council is to get residents more active and having exercise equipment in Baxters Field could really increase the number of people who use the park and make it a better place to visit.


I walked across it once … does that count?

Wrong part of town for me (I live on the wrong side of the tracks)

Good suggestion @SteveG85 :+1:

And Rob @thirstforwine that probably doesn’t count :joy::joy::joy:

Hi @SteveG85 - thanks for filling in the survey - and great idea about the exercise equipment.

I’m Ruth - one of the co-chairs of the new Friends of Baxter Field group. We are meeting this Wednesday (8th June) in The Hill on Dartmouth Road from 8pm - it would be great if you could join us.

I’d be really interested in hearing more about the council’s priority - and if you know how we might access funding related to that?

We also have a Facebook page - so do join that so you can keep up to date on our plans and opportunities to get involved:


Hi @Ruth , sorry for the slow reply. I’ve joined the FB group and am really keen to be involved - I’ve sent you a DM.