From SE23 to the countryside


No its not, at all. Maybe the fringes of London, just. Our new home is about as in the middle of nowhere as it is possible to get shy of living in a national park, or Slough.


Seems I times my move well.


True. But with your combine harvester you could just cruise right through the D Rd roadworks.




Grasshopper. You have much to learn That is a tractor. This is a combine harvester.


I failed my combine license, I dropped the straw from the corner of my mouth and crashed into a Costa.


I didn’t know there anything to crash into in Norfolk apart from the sea.


The locals manage it very very often, sometimes on a clear stretch of road. I think it’s the “Massey” factor. “Oh look Mildred, It’s a new Massey Ferguson X10”. Boom, through a hedge backwards.


Have we perhaps wandered off topic here? This is potentially a useful thread of info on disruption to FH (lasting for the rest of the year) and we seem to be discussing East Anglia (covered elsewhere).

Maybe worth a new thread on the potential street event from the traders, though.


Yes, sorry you are quite right.

Street event is a good one, Pauline etc?


[quote=“Dave, post:29, topic:3137”]
This is potentially a useful thread of info on disruption to FH
[/quote]Isn’t that another thread
This one is about @Londondrz naffin off to be a bumpkin in no thumbs land.


Sorry, confusion caused by me splitting off some posts from the other thread, including @dave’s request for the split


Dont forget the webbed feet and fingers and yes, DR has it’s own thread although my bumpkin one is far more interesting of course. I will be taking in B&B booking for the six weeks the Dartmouth Road is closed.


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One thing I will not miss is Lewisham’s Parking site. Oh my, it’s dreadful. And try to get a registration changed if you make a mistake.

However, due to a slip up at Lewisham I was given the telephone number direct to the head of parking. I have promised them I will destroy the number when I leave. I may sell it :slight_smile:


Well it has been two weeks. Two days worth of removals, over two hundred boxes and only one broken vase later we are in. The girls are on day three of their new schools, Zoe left at 5:15 this morning to go to the London office and got there at 7:30 and I now leave to drop the kids at school.

All still very new, a few boxes still lurking like unwanted guests but they will be gone by Sunday.

@starman A solid 12 meg and ee sent me a nice box to convert WiFi to 3G as my phone just would not do WiFi calling.

Finally a photo of our drive to school, this is a couple of hundred yards from home


Well it looks awful :wink:
Do you miss anything about London/FH or is it all all good?


I miss the fact that I could walk for five minutes and get great coffee. Friends just round the corner and great views from the hill. Local pubs less than two minutes away (local here is two minutes drive but 15 minutes walk) and a train to the center of London in sixteen minutes.

However, throwing open the stable doors in the kitchen in the morning and smelling fresh air more than makes up for it and we have a large list of friends lining up to visit. :slight_smile:

Life is good.


Fab pic of the kids, I miss Charlotte popping in to say hello :+1:Tell her I said hello please, but she’s my shop friend on Instagram & her friends are missing her already especially the other kid she helped with a sacond language. Just found out about this today, so please let her know the other kid is keeping it up but misses her input, sure she knows about this.


Thanks Pauline, I will let her know. We must pop back to FH as I am almost out of white mice :slight_smile: