Front door suppliers

We have just moved into a flat within a building that’s owned by Lewisham Council. We are looking to replace our front door, but we cannot find any suppliers (lost count of the amount I have contacted) that can provide one in line with these regulations

I’ve had no luck with the council recommending a supplier/giving a timeframe on the door they’re procuring. Was wondering if anyone else had replaced their front door recently and could recommend a supplier?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I would hold back on getting a front door at the moment as Lewisham sent out lots of threatening letters to leaseholders informing us if we did not replace our doors they would do it and then charge us. I replaced mine and it then came to light that Lewisham are still waiting for government guidelines on fire safety requirements and do not yet have specific information on what doors leaseholders should look to replace existing doors with as yet.

This information regarding doors was provided to the Leaseholders Alliance on 8th March by Emma Mills in Lewisham’s Home Ownership Department.

The Leaseholders Alliance has been set up and brought together several disgruntled leaseholders within the Borough of Lewisham, the contact email is

Hi Zoe. That’s really helpful to know, thank you for the info!

Travis Perkins on Malham Road is frequented by Lewisham Homes contractors all the time. I saw some of these the last time I was down there:

Let’s be honest, these aren’t the nicest looking things - I’m not sure if adding some panelling afterwards would affect the rating, but you can at least paint it.

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