FT: Brenchley Gardens in-fill development

Local journalist Francisco Garcia has written an article for the Financial Times that considers the role of community gardens against urbanisation, prominently discussing Brenchley Gardens where an infill development had been proposed by Southwark Council. Previously mentioned here, the hillock / picnic area in question looks like this:

The full article features quotes from various residents and also makes comparisons with ‘agrihoods’ in Detroit.

The full article maybe pay-walled if you don’t have an FT subscription. Otherwise I have generously quoted some of the relevant paragraphs.


Southwark’s own statement on the scheme can be found on their commonplace site:


Just in the interest of things being factually presented (Sorry, I didn’t catch your previous post on this) your photographs are taken on the southern end of the estate, rather than the originally planned northern end of the estate. I don’t know the reason that the southern end was not included in the original proposal.

In any case, per the tweet you linked in your previous posting, the council will no longer consider “infill” proposals on the estate.

The full FT article is also archived here: https://archive.is/iDm4M

nb. I’ve tried very hard to make sure this post is just based on fact, and to leave any kind of speculation or opinion out of it. It’s a really divisive subject, and I really don’t have the energy to debate it

Oops - apologies for the wrong photo. The commonplace has seemingly evaporated all info about the infill now, so I guess we may never know without serious digging.

I would like to add that I was reading the FT article and thinking about how the green spaces may help foster a sense of community - at least in your case - and perhaps promote good behaviour and positivity among residents which may go a way to countering the problems from some estates e.g. Fly tipping, threatening behaviour, stolen goods duncombe hill

Something that possibly also helps in this regard is the estate being run by a TMO, (supported by Southwark’s TMI team). The people that have a say in how the estate is run are also residents here. Everyone has a vested interest to work together and maintain what (personally speaking at least) I think is an incredible estate to live on - with a fantastic community.

(But we’re getting close to opinions here😉)

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Found out this evening in our AGM that the Kelvington Rd end of the estate is a Site Of Importance for Nature Conservation:

PSV19 - Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation.pdf (2.5 MB)

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