Funding for the DR Festival

As I’ve already secured £1250 assembly funding for FHFW 2017 I’m wondering if I could possibly ask for this funding to be changed to the D Rd event (September when FHFW runs will probably be chaotic on D Rd & the criterior would be the same for this event) I’d be happy to cancel FHFW this year & concentrate on this if it’s allowed. I would have to put in a request to see if this would be possible.

This could then probably pay for the hire of the ice rink & possibly more.

@Michael can you remember roughly how much the hire of the ice rink was before & the company it was hired from?

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I’ve never hired an ice rink, you would need to speak to @AllInnOne
But Anne-Marie says the team who erected the sydenham market also hired out ice rinks and bouncy castles, so they may be worth contacting.

I think switching funding from FHFW this year makes sense in the light of the Dartmouth Road works, but worth confirming with Maya (or Maja).

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I’ve added @AllInnOne, @MajaHilton and @MayaOnyett to the group so they’re able to see these posts

FYI this is the original idea, for those who’ve not been following that topic.

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Yes I agree, and your Anne-Marie (if anyone doesn’t know who Anne-Marie is it’s Michael’s wife) is top of my list to pick her brains on all sorts of stuff for this. She’s brilliant at giving info on this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

ETA and of course the first thing I would have to do is speak to @MayaOnyett to see if this could be a possibility.

Hi Guys,

Let’s wait and see. The road closure may not happen. The contractors may want it, but I am not sure if it will happen.

Plan B may be to use the new space in front of the Heron House.

Re switch of funding it should be passed by the Assembly as that is how it was awarded. I personally don’t have an issue with the change as the objectives of the project would remain on the same lines.

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That’s what I thought Maja, and of course this would have to go through the appropriate channels and I would probably have to either have a meeting or redo paperwork with all calculations & differences to accumulate to the same funding & same criterior…

Happy to do like for like paperwork, which would just be a different event though covers all the same local needs etc :slight_smile:

They’re easy to make. Lay some plastic sheet over the area. Outline your rink with sand bags or similar. Pour water in. Wait for it to freeze.

Oh wait…

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