Furnishing an unfurnished flat - any recommendations?

Hello all :slight_smile:

Just wanting some advice, as moving into the flat on Saturday and it’s unfurnished, just wondered if you had any advice for cheap furniture etc?

Chris x

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Have a look on here https://recycleforlewisham.com/reuse/

There is a firm that recycle furniture and sell it with the proceeds going to charity. Lots of shops selling second hand furniture in Crystal Palace, couple of shops on the Dartmouth Road by the pools.

Freecycle is worth a look and an appeal on here in the Wanted/Offered category will usually pull in ideas.

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Thanks! Will have a look at that :)) x

We often get free furniture offered:


In your preferences (click your face in the top-right, then the cog), set the following:

That way you’ll be among the first to know about new “offered” posts. They often go quickly!

Hi Chris,
I currently have a Chest of Drawers (quite large), Wardrobe (from Ikea, not assembled) and an office chair that I’m looking to off load, so if you’re interested let me know. Was going to donate to British Heart Foundation, so would just give any proceeds directly to them.

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Hi Justin,
Thanks for this :slight_smile:
I’m good for bedroom furniture…other than a bed frame haha! But il send my flatware a message and see if he needs anything?? x

Hi @JDND Any info on that wardrobe, cost etc. Can we take it to PM?

Also check out the British Heart Foundation. Besides clothing stores (e.g. London Road) they also have furniture and electrical shops. Both have to meet minimum standards before they resell so you’re not going to get a flea ridden sofa. All electrical items are tested and certified. I think the nearest is in Lewisham.


A good friend of mine furnished his flat entirely from freecycle. If you have a bit of flair it could look really good

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Sure - though can’t see how I do that!?

@JDND Click on my photo which will bring up my profile and email from there.

Go onto GUMTREE and go to FOR SALE (top left) with SOFA or whatever in the centre then put in your postcode on the top right. Add a radius of 3 or 5 miles in the left hand column. If you don’t find what you need to start off with, just keep trying because stuff is being added all the time.

This is how I got these 2 leather sofas and mirror.


I second Lewisham Freecycle. Have given several things away by this route, saves taking things to the tip! I’ll have a wardrobe and a sofa to dispose of in late March so DM me if interested.

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Join Free stuff south East on Facebook. Loads of stuff given away

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I’ve got a bookcase and two CD towers (does anyone even have CDs any more?) to give away to a good home – send me a message if you want them!

I’ve posted them on Gumtree and Freegle with no joy :frowning:

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