FYI - contraflow under the railway bridge


FYI there’s a contraflow on the South Circular under the railway bridge by FH station- not sure if it’s temporary but the traffic was horrible about an hour ago in rush hour (not that I care I was cycling) but if you need to get through town at the moment it’s a mess.


The TFL website says it’s ongoing and is “to facilitate emergency SGN gas utility works”!


When I left at 6.45am heading to FH station traffic was backed up as far as the Blythe Hill tavern. It is moving but very slowly.


I assume this was what was causing the horrendous traffic yesterday along Lordship Lane and London Road. Traffic was basically at a standstill, had to get off at Dulwich Library and walk to Taymount Rise


Apparently the contraflow light isn’t working.


This morning, for quite a long period, Devonshire Road entrance was jammed and it had stopped traffic moving on the A205 due to people queueing to turn into Devonshire Road. Bit of a farce.


traffic backed up all the way to Catford Bridge just now


This site is procrastination heaven. I didn’t know that I wanted to check traffic cameras from my desk at work until now!


too true- mine was an eye witness account though; fortunately I know all the back routes!


There was a benefit. Buses normally brimming during the late rush hour (e.g. 185) were half empty with a lot of seating available as customer chose walking over public transport.

Of course those on the buses weren’t going anywhere fast.


According to TfL work should be complete tomorrow if not sooner :crossed_fingers:


It’s still there tonight. 5.30pm no-one working on it. If this was China… but seriously they really should be working round the clock on it given what a busy road it is. I even noticed that the light by the co-op traps cars in the contraflow so anyone heading towards Dulwich gets totally blocked. Complete shambles.

Also, if you’re cycling, be careful - I had 2 cars decide to dip down a side street at the last minute without indicating and almost took me out.


If it’s a gas repair they have to leave it open with monitors checking everything is good after the repair before they can close it up. It’s a common complaint that it appears no one is working on an unfinished repair when the final monitoring is being done.


Ah, fair enough! Although maybe they could do it NYC style and cover the hole with big steel plates… and ‘no smoking’ signs haha


The works were scheduled to finish 1700 today though.


Has it finished then?


There were still comes separating traffic at 1am but traffic flowing freely.