Gao Vietnamese Baguette and Dessert House

Continuing the discussion from From The Forest - any news?:

Formerly “From the Forest,” Gao Vietnamese Baguettes and Desserts is now open.

Interested to hear opinions (but bear in mind they’ve only just opened) :slight_smile:


Drove past yesterday and noticed they were open. I will be there for lunch!

Decor is good, really light and airy and food is great. Only had a bun and Vietnamese coffee but impressed so far.

Apple juice was freshly squeezed for the smallest daughter.


Much sad face.

I love vietnamese ban mi rolls, so I was excited about the new shop.

Staff are friendly and it’s nicely done out, but the rolls are just baguettes (not the proper rice bread) and they seem to use some kind of pate rather than actual meat (or tofu). It doesn’t taste bad, but it’s a far cry from what I’m used to.

Maybe they’ll sort it out, but a poor start from my perspective.

Banh mi is served in baguettes (banh means ‘bread’) - a French influence. in my experience they consist of cold meats and pate, along with coriander, carrots, cucumber, chilli etc.

I look forward to trying this place


Pretty standard to have baguettes in authentic Vietnamese cafes. We went in yesterday and had a char siu baguette and a pork roll like the one pictured above. The char siu was proper pork slices and the pork roll was on a par with those at Mr Bao’s in Peckham and a lot cheaper (the naked filament bulbs suggest a Mr Bao influence?). Really friendly and enthusiastic staff and a potentially great addition to the high street. I wish them luck.

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I presume that @weepy meant that the baguette was just a plain wheat flour baguette rather than a rice and wheat flour mix. He is a clearly baguette connoisseur!

I was walking past Gao for a week praying for it to open. Can’t wait to bury my face in some of their produce.


I think it needs a little time to bed in, when I was in there they were just having a fridge delivered. I am guessing that it wont reach the standards you get in Vietnam itself but as Thailand is as close as I have got to Vietnam what do I know. :grin:

I’m used to the baguette version only.

Additional nearby Vietnamese goodness coming soon:

That name. Brilliant! :joy:


I may just explode in happiness, and an expanding waist line.


Ooh, can’t WAIT to try this place. Nice to see something fresh coming to the area - the tea shop (RIP) was a nice idea but we’re not short of cafe options, whereas decent quick-bite/quick-service outlets are a bit thin on the ground. Plus it’s pretty healthy, so that’s a plus.

Oh god please do summer rolls…I’ll get one every day if they do summer rolls…there’s a business incentive…

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They do summer rolls and talking to the owner today who said their range is due to expand. I also suggested they may want to remove their “coming soon” posters in the window as some people were unsure if they were open or not. Promptly taken down. It really is light and airy in there. Managed to down 3 cups of Vietnamese coffee this morning with another forum regular. Good to see you mate!


Visited Gao on Sunday. Food was great, and the family who own it are super friendly. They did get a bit panicky when it got busy but overall was very impressed. Hope it does well

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What’s Vietnamese coffee like?

It’s the first time I have seen anyone in the UK use a Phin so pretty good to say the least.

Sorry I meant in general what is “Vietnamese” coffee and what is it like?

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Ah. It is generally Vietnamese coffee beans served in a small filter which sits on top of a glass (with ice for iced coffee) and the glass has condensed milk in it. Coffee filters into glass, filter removed when ready and condensed milk stirred in. Due to the sweetness of the condensed milk you dont really need sugar or sweetner. Looks like this:


I see you lurking here Fran!

It’s a nice environment run by friendly people. Also happy to see new places popping up in FH.

Had a Char Siu baguette and I’ll let them know my thoughts too but the bread is cheap explode into thin air style and there’s just not enough stuff inside it for £4.50. Light on everything, veg, meat and pate.

Tasted great of what there was but if you’re going to call yourself a baguette house you need to do it right. This isn’t. Agree with @weepy, poor start.

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So excited to try one of these but it was a big let down. Pate was the kind you buy in sainsbury’s, baguette was just a baguette and the pork was really processed. Veg wasn’t pickled and there wasn’t enough filling. Really want to see this place improve and do well – love a banh mi. Till it does I’ll keep going to the one in Catford :frowning: